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Volunteer Info

IGHSF Volunteer Information

NOTE: This policy is for 8U and above only and does not include the Little Spartans.


The IGHSF determined that a Volunteer Policy needs to be established for its travel teams’ members in the interest of creating a more fair and equitable situation for all of our members. We have in the past had a small group of members doing the large majority of the volunteering. This creates an unfair circumstance and at times has made it very difficult to get enough volunteers for a particular event. Thus, we have researched what several other youth associations have done in terms of volunteering and created our own policy as outlined below. We believe our volunteer policy is very fair and meets the needs of the IGHSF.

Volunteer Policy:

Our association is dedicated to providing the lowest possible cost to players, while at the same time continuing to provide excellent equipment, uniforms, tournaments and clinics. We have established many fundraisers to meet our goals, but volunteerism is also very important to the success of our program.

Each family is expected to participate in IGHSF fundraising and volunteer events. The following requirements have been established for every softball calendar year for each family: 

  • A volunteer fee of $250.00 per family OR
  • A 9-hour volunteer time (per famliy) minimum
  • Families receiving Financial Aid will be required to fulfill 15 hours.
  • The nine (9) hours can be split between parents or family members as long as a total of nine (9) hours of volunteer time is donated for the year.

Those not meeting this requirement will forfeit the $250 volunteer fee to the association as outlined below.

Administration of the Policy:

The IGHSF Board will organize, delegate and monitor all volunteering activities. In order for the required time to count towards the yearly requirement, the time must be pre-approved through the IGHSF Board. 

The policy will be administered as follows:

  • Upon player registration, all parents will be required to submit a separate check in the amount of $250 for their volunteer fee. This check WILL NOT be cashed unless forfeited.
  • All volunteer events will be posted on our website (
  • The duties and time slots will vary depending on the event.
  • Time slots will be filled on a first come/first served basis.

The IGHSF Board will monitor each event, the volunteers who participated and the number of hours worked. Upon the completion of our last volunteer event for the year, all members who have met their yearly obligation will have their uncashed check returned to them. Those not meeting the obligation will have their checks cashed at that time.